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Welcome to my virtual workbench

Like my real workbench, there's occasionally something happening and it's usually a mess but have a wander around and see if there's anything interesting. Actually there's not much here yet but hopefully soon....

In addition to this page, I have some photos of old tool stuff on Galoot Image Central

2010-02-15 Titan Chisel Page.
Finally the Titan Chisels and Gouges page is coming together, but I need to find some earlier data, from 1945 to 1960.

2009-12-31 Some updates.
I think I've fixed all the broken links from the move to galootcentral.
Doing a bunch more on the Index of Various Spokeshaves and starting on an index of Titan Chisels manufactured in Austraila.

2009-07-05 Apologies for the mess.
I am migrating from another host site and moving my old spokeshave page to a new
Index of Various Spokeshaves

2008-12-01 Working on a list of the various common and uncommon spokeshave models
December 2008 - Index of Various Spokeshaves.
Inspired by some recent threads on the old tools list, and at various times over the last couple of years having wanted to refer to a list of the types of old spokeshaves, I have decided to put together a list of various models out and about. I'll start off with just the typical old Stanley shaves and then expand from there. I've needed a list like this and hope it might be useful to somebody else.

2008-07-13 Started a project page for a Birthday Present Pencil Box.
July 2008 - A birthday present Pencil Box made by my younger GIT-ette.

2006-08-01 Workbench Rebuild project.
August 2006 - Rebuilding a work bench given as a father's day present.

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