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Welcome to my Galoot Toolbox

I have an assortment of old tools but am more an occasional tool user than a tool collector so the tools I put here are not likely to be anything particularly interesting.

2009-12-28 Working on a list of the various Titan brand chisels and gouges
December 2009 - Index of Titan Chisels and Gouges.
Inspired by a desire to gradually build a set of these tools, it helps to know what they all are.

2008-12-01 Working on a list of the various common and uncommon spokeshave models
December 2008 - Index of Various Spokeshaves.
Inspired by some recent threads on the old tools list, and at various times over the last couple of years having wanted to refer to a list of the types of old spokeshaves, I have decided to put together a list of various models out and about. I'll start off with just the typical old Stanley shaves and then expand from there. I've needed a list like this and hope it might be useful to somebody else.

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